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Kpop are very popular today. I love the way they wore those colorful costumes, their hairstyle and accessories are so unique. One of my favorite Kpop Group is SNSD I saw a picture of SNSD Girls Generation wearing cute cat ear headband so I decided to make one for myself.

  • black headband or any color you like.
  • Some beads you can have it in your old bracelet or necklace.I got mine in my old necklace.
  • and the last one is a bendable wire.
  • All you need to do is measure the wire how big you want the ear to look like.
  • Insert some beads on it.
  • Bend the wire with beads and shape a cat ear. 
  • You need to make space at the end of the wire so you can connect it to the headband.
  • Get the headband and connect it.

It's very easy right, Here's the picture of my Cat Ear Headband ;)

♥ Chin

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