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Friday, February 22, 2013

Maybelline - Baby Lips Review


I heard a lot of reviews about this product that's why I love to try it out, I'm about to go to the mall to buy a birthday gift for a friend and after that decided to go to Watson store and I found this little Maybelline Baby Lips. I bought mine in a pink stick which is called rose addict. 
When I got home and tried it out I never erase my lipstick what I did I put the Baby Lips Lip Balm over it. It's so smooth glide easily on my lips, and soft on the lips. This product was amazing I totally loved it and now I'm addicted to it I'm using it every single day and the smell was so good. so it is true that this product was amazing it last 6 to 7 hrs. a day. This product is perfect to me because I had a chapped lips and this is now my remedy glad I found this. The price is only 89.00 pesos. Love to try the other color its so cute easy to carry.

xoxo Love

Ever Bilena Daily Sunblock Whitening Cream Review

I loved using sunscreen daily because I don't want to damage my skin against the harmful effect of the sun. Because it is hot here in the Philippines esp. in summer time, not many women uses daily protection against the sun. Not me i use it everytime, esp. on the beach and before I went out, my skin is fair that's why I put some whitening lotion and sunblock on to my skin. 
 I used this product not just in my face, I used this also on my arm and legs to protect my whole body from the damage/skin cancer.

  • EVER BILENA daily sunblock whitening cream for face but sometimes I used this to my body. This Ever Bilena comes in a orange and white packaging 3fl.oz/88ml and its says Advance triple protection against long term skin damage. When I'm using this product I felt like I'm ready to go because I know I'm using a sunscreen protection and it won't damage my skin.
  • Enriched with Vitamin E and Shea butter to keep the skin moisturize all day long.
  • Formulated to proved optimal daytime care to skin as it protect against the harmful effect of the sun damage.
  • Helps prevent dry skin.
  • Contains Licorice extract to lighten the skin.
When I used this product I felt like my skin is protected. that's why I love this product and the smells is good. Very affordable product for only 100.00 pesos it gives you protection all day long from the sun's damage.

xoxo Love

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Everbilena Pro Flawless Finish Foundation and Maybelline Clear Smooth Extra

I run out of foundation and decided to go to a nearest drugstore to buy foundation then I saw these
Ever Bilena studio finish stick foundation in the shade of cream, beige and meil and also only one left for this Everbilena Pro Flawless Finish Foundation so I thought of a lot of women using these product. I bought the Everbilena Pro Flawless Foundation because it comes in a pump and  glass container which is easy to use and it's 165.00 pesos only. I was still undecided that time because of the shade. I tried it out and when I got home i was excited to use it, first I tried it on my hand, the smell is good, it dried faster than the other foundation and it blend really well after that I read the descriptions.

The description says:
 It’s a long lasting liquid foundation that dries faster than the ordinary foundation. Leaving a soft natural finish without flaking effects. Enriched with vitamins E that helps maintain natural skin moisture. Easily covers dark circle, redness, and minor skin imperfection. This unique foundation creates instant affinity with the skin that makes it glide on like silk and stay fresh looking as it imparts a glowing skin all day.

I don't really know if these product suits me but I just happen to try it and the result was not bad actually i think i like it.

This is what it look like in my skin with Maybelline Powder Clear and Smooth extra shine free powder foundation a long lasting oil control and full coverage..

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cute Nail Art

Because I'm bored today and I had nothing to do I think I should do a nail art. I haven't have any idea yet about the design of my nail so I come up with a cute design and all I have is the nail design that I bought a year ago. The nail polish that I used is from Etude House. It's actually easy doing this.

Here's the design
I think it look like a flower.

It wasn't perfect but hope you like it..

Thursday, January 24, 2013

DIY K-Pop Cat Ear Headband

Kpop are very popular today. I love the way they wore those colorful costumes, their hairstyle and accessories are so unique. One of my favorite Kpop Group is SNSD I saw a picture of SNSD Girls Generation wearing cute cat ear headband so I decided to make one for myself.

  • black headband or any color you like.
  • Some beads you can have it in your old bracelet or necklace.I got mine in my old necklace.
  • and the last one is a bendable wire.
  • All you need to do is measure the wire how big you want the ear to look like.
  • Insert some beads on it.
  • Bend the wire with beads and shape a cat ear. 
  • You need to make space at the end of the wire so you can connect it to the headband.
  • Get the headband and connect it.

It's very easy right, Here's the picture of my Cat Ear Headband ;)


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Meet Alodia Gosiengfiao the Queen of Cosplay

Alodia Gosiengfiao is one of my favorite cosplayer because she's so pretty like a living doll. And I started getting to liked her. In the year 2010 I started to viewing her videos on Youtube and she also appeared on televisions and they interviewed her about cosplays.  I love the way she wore those costumes she looks like a real Anime for me. I also attend to her Birthday in Megamall March 2011.

and the second event was in SM Sta. Rosa a fan meeting. A lot of Cosplayers were there that time and there's a  lot of people. I wasn't able to came near her because it's to crowded.

the third event was in SM Muntinlupa, i was very lucky that time because i was able to meet her finally and talked to her. 

and I recorded some of video. here's the link Alodia Singing -Paradise Kiss and also her sister Ashley sing Superbass click here to Ashley Gosiengfiao - Superbass . She's so nice and very pretty. I loved them both. She inspired me to cosplay, She's very talented. You can also follow Miss Alodia in here personal Youtube account here  Alodia Youtube Account.

Meet Alodia Gosiengfiao ^_^ 

Meet her Lovely Pet Tako

I also joined the Photoshop Challenge of Miss Alodia here's the link of the picture

Here are some of my Nail Art