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Ever Bilena Pro Flawless Finish Foundation and Maybelline Smooth Extra

I run out of foundation and decided to go to a nearest drugstore to buy foundation then I saw these
Ever Bilena studio finish stick foundation in the shade of cream, beige and meil and also only one left for this Everbilena Pro Flawless Finish Foundation so I thought of a lot of women using these product. I bought the Everbilena Pro Flawless Foundation because it comes in a pump and  glass container which is easy to use and it's 165.00 pesos only. I was still undecided that time because of the shade. I tried it out and when I got home i was excited to use it, first I tried it on my hand, the smell is good, it dried faster than the other foundation and it blend really well after that I read the descriptions.

The description says:
 It’s a long lasting liquid foundation that dries faster than the ordinary foundation. Leaving a soft natural finish without flaking effects. Enriched with vitamins E that helps maintain natural skin moisture. Easily covers dark circle, redness, and minor skin imperfection. This unique foundation creates instant affinity with the skin that makes it glide on like silk and stay fresh looking as it imparts a glowing skin all day.

I don't really know if these product suits me but I just happen to try it and the result was not bad actually i think i like it.

This is what it look like in my skin with Maybelline Powder Clear and Smooth extra shine free powder foundation a long lasting oil control and full coverage..

Cute Nail Art

Because I'm bored today and I had nothing to do I think I should do a nail art. I haven't have any idea yet about the design of my nail so I come up with a cute design and all I have is the nail design that I bought a year ago. The nail polish that I used is from Etude House. It's actually easy doing this.

Here's the design 
I think it look like a flower.

It wasn't perfect but hope you like it..


My Other Nail Art Design

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  1. where did you buy the nail art glue and for how much? I love your 1st nail art photo the one on the top It looks like a princess nails because of the colorful gems :) Love it!!! :)